Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 91- Day 92 I left the house!! Like all day!

For the first time in FOREVER I actually left he house and was gone all day!!  Felt so good!  I actually had more energy when I got home.  Maybe it was the vitamin D.

It's kind of a long story, but basically my husband and I ended up hanging out for HOURS waiting for a tow truck.  It wasn't the most fun day, but so awesome that I could be there to help and support him. It would've SUUUCKED to do it alone. I also ate Chick Fil A... The fries weren't fresh, but it was nice to be able to eat on the go. I ate it at 3pm and it's now 1:35AM and I'm still not itching. Sounds ok to me... (UPDATE... Basically itched from 3:00-5:30am...took benedryl and passed out until 1:00pm)

Day 91:




Moisturizer is starting to feel good and make improvements, but it tends to make me look more puffy and red.

Day 92

Today was the day I braved the world....  I looked like I was flour dusted and ready for a deep fryer, but I felt good!  This is what my skin looks like with no shower and no moisturizer.  haha.. I didn't have time to shower before I left the house.  Long story.  I will say, though, the closer I am to a shower and if I use moisturizer my skin burns more in the heat and when I sweat.  I ended up feeling pretty pain free most of the day.

These pics are obnoxiously close and closer than anyone really gets to my face, but I wanted to give a good picture of what I saw in the mirror.

92 1

92 2

92 3
YEESH hahaha  Feels so much better than it looks.  

92 4
To'e up...

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  • Energy!  HUGE.  I feel like myself again today.  


  • Dry skin Clearly this needs no explanation 
  • Ooze It's been better behind my ears!
  • Palpitations   had them a lot off and on the last few days.


  1. Jen!! Your pics tell so much.. xo.. Prayers for you!! So glad you are blogging and taking photos.. They help so much in the process and especially when you get to the place of looking back at how far you have come! Hang in there xx

    1. and love the way you do the "struggles and celebrations" too