Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 75: Glorious Day 75!

This day!  This beautiful day!  The first day in months that I have felt like a human!  I woke up exhausted, but got dressed and went outside with the girls.  My energy shot up and it felt amazing!  We painted and did crafts!  We made good meals and my baby took 2 long, wonderful naps.  It was truly an awesome day.  My skin looked and felt great!  I even washed and blow-dried my hair!?  Haven't done that in I don't know how long.  When I took my hair out of the pony tail I looked like a 60 year old drunk man's mugshot.  One who only has long hair because he stopped taking care of himself.  Nick Notle-ish  It was matted, dried, disgusting, and had the weirdest shape.

Around 6 my energy had plummeted.  I used my reserves to make dinner and help with bedtime.  We went to bed and I felt like myself.  I laid down without worry that my skin would ooze.  We watched a movie and I wasn't even itchy.  I felt great!  What a glorious day!  In the back of my mind, I prepared for the next day.  I did not think this was the mark of continued improvement.  I somehow knew this was just a God given reprieve of my suffering and it was well earned and well appreciated.

Here is how I looked most of Day 75....

Day 75

A little red... a little flakey... but doable!!

Here is how I look today, day 76.....

Day 76

 Oh, you heard this, too?


Anyway, day 75 also brought a funny experience with my daughter.  She calls the white flakes on my face "dots"...  this was our exchange:

Daughter:  Mom, can i draw you??
Me:  of course!

Complete with Dots

5 minutes later...

Daughter:  Look!  I drew you all better!  No more dot-itis! (said like Bronchitis but with dot)


I think that is what it shall be called from this day forward... Dot-itis.

And can you even handle how cute my kids are.  Ugh.


  1. Wow! That's so crazy, I got my first break on the 78th day. Maybe our breaks will happen around the same time and it can give you a little hope.

    I hope that this lasts a while, but don't go overboard though! Be sure to have fun but remember you're still healing. :)

    Love the custom hand drawn portrait


    1. I wanna say it was you that said 50-70 was the hardest! And it was! I use you as a bit of a barometer for me, for sure!

  2. That's a positive post! Take every skin break and enjoy, recalibrate and prepare for the days ahead! Positivity goes a long way in healing, gogogo!

  3. Your little girl is SOOOO cute it's off the scale! I love her picture!

  4. Hey Jen! Good to see you doing a little better. What a cutie she is!!! I love her blonde hair!!

  5. Precious! :) Love her pics.. dots and all :)