Thursday, February 5, 2015


Well, it's currently day 341 and I didn't blog my whole 11th month.  It's been hard to find time lately cause I was sick and now we're in the process of moving.  😣

Anyway...  I'll blog all of the last month and a half as soon as I get some down time.  Until then, things are dry and flakey, and sometimes red, but fine otherwise...  

Come back, brows.....  


  1. Good to hear things are still going well, Jen. I hope to God you don't annivesary flare!!! Let it be the end of it for you!!!

  2. I won't be surprise if I have one... I had a gnarly one at 9 months, so hopefully I won't...but I'm not expecting much.... I've pretty much had everything in the books haha