Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 49: Nnnnnneeeeeeck

I've discovered that the melatonin works to keep me asleep longer, but doesn't help me fall asleep.  It also helps me fall back asleep after a bit when I inevitably wake up in the night.

Today has been really painful. My face and neck are burning, stinging and aching. I THINK it's improving... But if I've learned anything in these past 49 days, it's to have NO expectations. My arms have greatly improved and I'll share that when I can muster up the energy to dig those pics off my computer. 

Here's what's driving me BATTY:

********WARNING!  GROSS PIC!!  NSFW*********


(I like to use flash so it looks the most offensive.)  


The chin looks so gross, but I'd rather have it crusty than oozy. But that's not the worst!  My neck folds touch if I look below straight forward.  When they do, it oozes.  It's MADDENING.

I've also felt extremely tired and run down today after some descent sleep. 

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good.   Nothing's regressed, so that's all positive.

Happy Healing,

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