Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 762 - Day 791 Topical Steroid Withdrawal Month 26

(4/1/2016 - 4/30/2016)
(Day 762 - Day 791)

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  1. Thank you for your post they really do matter. At 24 months I feel stagnant too, especially on my ears and legs. Thankfully my hands are really inproving.
    Be blessed and stay cool, the heat is here.

  2. “Stop Scratching!!” Yes, the words all parents utter several times a day, but it’s not that easy to stop despite knowing that scratching can worsen your eczema. It can cause infection in the skin as bacteria finds its way in. There are different methods and medications all around the globe that can help you relieve eczema. Here are few medications that that will help you to know “what works for eczema”.

    1. Nav Gosal, though infections can occur, these pics don't suggest infection. This is not to do with infection. Medications are what got Jen into this state unfortunately. I'm pretty sure she's tried everything and then some, to alleviate regular eczema in the past.
      This is the aftermath of steroid use and how it upsets the systemic systems of the body, which is reflected in the skin.

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  4. I have been using foderma serum for a few years and it is the only one that gives me relief from eczema.

  5. I hate having a skin condition it always makes me feel so self conscious. I absolutely love using Aloe Vera products. I feel my skin hydrating once I’ve applied it and never feel like I’m damaging myself with chemicals. I use products from Forever Living

  6. I bought foderma serum for my husband who has severe eczema nothing has worked over the counter or prescribed. After much research I bought this serum for him he used per directions (number of weeks). It cleared up...This is definitely the best product he has ever used and he continues to use. YEAH!!!

  7. My son had horrible eczema on his legs, the top part of his arms, and his face. NOTHING worked. We tried Aveeno baths, baby lotions, you name it. When I saw the commercial for foderma serum I had low expectations, but decided it was worth a shot. It's expensive and it goes fast, but my son's skin cleared up in a matter of 2 or so days. Totally worth it.

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